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Cincinnati Children's Hospital Visit

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Cincinnati Children's Hospital Visit

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SGC Charity Events

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It's all for the Kids!

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Another Charity Event!

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Our Mission is for the kids!



Mission :

The SGC Foundation is grounded on the principles that you don't need a title to be a leader and you can't have too much fun helping children.  As such, the Foundation provides fun and recreationally-related activities that benefit children.  The Foundation's focus is to bring individuals and organizations together into a partnership where all are treated as equals with the end result of making today and tomorrow a better place for children of all ages.

Our Motto : 

Charity and fun first…children always!

Our Values : 

  • Respect -- Respect for children is an outcome of all we do, as demonstrated by how we behave with, around, and for them.

  • Leadership -- As everyday leaders in all walks of life, our role is to influence and ignite action, change, and results.

  • Diversity -- It is a privilege to find the treasure and value within others and put it to good use.

  • Compassion -- We care about kids, their welfare, their health, and their future.

  • Appreciation -- We never forget to say "thank you!"

  • Creativity and Collaboration -- We work with others in a dynamic network so we can be open to possibilities that open to even more possibilities.

  • Fun -- You can't have too much fun helping children.


It’s All For The Keedz!

Keep this in mind...

If not you..... then who ??

If not now....... then when ??

Join us in 2015 as we provide funds for much-needed research and care for these children!

For further information contact Steve Ganzer at .



SGC Foundation Charity Classic - Southern California - May 27, 2016

When: May 27, 2016
Where: Oak Creek Golf Club This tournament to benefit Children’s Hospital.

SGC Foundation Charity Classic - Birmingham, AL- November 7, 2016

When: November 6 & 7, 2016
Where: Site Oxmoor Valley Golf Club in Birmingham, Alabama
This tournament to benefit Children’s Hospital.

Join us as we play some golf, spend time with friends, have a great meal and most importantly, raise some awareness and money for the children!





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